"I just wanted to say thank you! I went from not being able to walk properly to running a pb in my fitness test this morning. Magic hands! Thanks"

Tim Howard - Runner - May 2012


"I have seen Richard regularly for general sports massage, and for specific injuries that I have sustained in my professional dance training. In both areas Richard has helped enormously and without his treatment, I would have had very restricted activity and mobility. He has always been very kind, and made me feel both comfortable and relaxed - making me laugh even when massaging the tightest muscles! I would recommend Richard to anyone (and have done so) for his expertise and easygoing, approachable manner."

Sara Macqueen - Dancer


"I've had several treatments with Richard and always been happy. It's nice to work with someone you trust and knows his stuff well. As a golf pro I've gone in with a big range of problems and Richard has always been able to help."

Becky Brewerton - LET Golf professional & Solheim cup star


"I had an operation to correct my scoliosis ten years ago and since then I've suffered from back pain. I found that the pain was getting worse due to sitting at a desk all day and stress. I'd never thought of sports massage before but Richard was extremely professional, explaining everything he did and suggesting exercises I could do at home to help. Within a day I found the pain had eased and with continued treatment it's no longer an issue - I couldn't recommend him enough."

Deborah Schrieber


"That was the first massage I've had ever. Some of my muscles were really stiff after this half Ironman, I think the massage on Monday really loosened them up and on Tuesday I was able to get back to my training routine and do a 10 mile run. Thanks for your help again."

Jakub Pawlowski - ironman


"That was a fantastic rub! My calves feel amazing"

Zesh Rehman - Professional footballer Bradford City & Pakistan


"Thanks for sending me those tips. I also wanted to email you to say thank you for my fixing my neck it was a bit sore after I left but after while the pain disappeared completely.
Thank you, you did a fantastic job."

Preeti Thakkar


"After taking up running I found that I was getting tight calf muscles. Not knowing whether this was normal or not I went to see Richard for a sports massage. His treatment was excellent and he provided me with advice on stretches. After only one more session I found a massive difference in my running and could go further and faster! I would recommend Richard to anyone who is suffering from similar problems!"

Catherine Hales